What our franchisees are saying

We have a proven business model, with a low start-up cost and love what we do!

Our franchisees have said they love Books and Gifts Direct because …

  • It’s a simple business model
  • There is flexibility
  • No weekend work
  • It’s a great family business

We started out thinking this was a job where we get to supply products to people, and make money doing so. Technically that may be correct. But hidden in all of that is an assortment of relationships, of dependability and trust, of not having a customer instead a personal involvement, of feeling and offering of respect. If it were just a job, the growth we have experienced in customers and sales wouldn’t hold as much personal pride to us as it does. Success can be measured in different ways, to us it’s having people excited to see us and letting us be involved with them. We grew this from a small business into a happy lifestyle. 
Kim & Wendy – Franchisees
Wendy Devereux, Kim Devereux, Marco Bonello & Joe Sultana at the 2016 Franchise Conference Gala Dinner

Books and Gifts Direct is a company that is based on Honesty and Integrity. We have great people within the business at all levels, while the freedom & scope we enjoy, as a Franchisee is the best. We interact with so many lovely people on a daily basis and our customers love to see us walk in the door. It is very heart warming. 
Greg & Sally  Franchisees
 Marco Bonello, Sally Chang & Greg Chang at the 2016 Franchise Conference Gala Dinner

I run a successful franchise and still have the freedom to be with my friends and family on the weekend without the worry of a seven-day trading society we now live in. 
James  Franchisee
Marco Bonello Nicole Wolfe & James Wolfe at the 2016 Franchise Conference Gala Dinner

What I love most about my business is that I don’t pay for my stock until I sell it and this allows me to grow my business without having to outlay large amounts of capital to expand stock levels. 
Kerri  Franchisee
Marco Bonello & Kerri Mitchell at the 2016 Franchise Conference Gala Dinner

We were attracted to the business because of the opportunity to be able to work together and for ourselves, the ability to be able to earn more income, and a change of lifestyle so that we could both work the same times and then stop being ships passing in the night. 
Ray & Janet  Franchisees
Jarryd Buscall, Janet Buscall, Ray Buscall, Marco Bonello & Joe Sultana at the 2016 Franchise Conference Gala Dinner
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