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Noisy Bathtime 10 Book Pack

Noisy Bathtime 10 Book Pack

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10 Stories suitable for children 2-3 years old in our most popular format!

32 Pages, Full Colour, Paperback, 25cm x 25cm

Each of these fantastic picture storybooks combines lavish illustrations with engaging stories, ensuring that they will be picked up by new and emerging readers time and time again.

Perfect 5-minute stories to kickstart a lifelong love of reading - perfect for bedtime.

​Titles Included:

  • Noisy Bathtime
  • Hello World!
  • Fidget The Naughty Puppy Dog
  • Star Light Star Bright
  • Cat and Dog
  • Be Happy!
  • One Little Dinosaur
  • Dragons love Peanut Butter and Jam
  • Can You Count the Stars?
  • This is My Pet
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