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Look What We Can Do Archie & Reddie Book

Look What We Can Do Archie & Reddie Book

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ELEPHANT & PIGGIE meets NARWHAL & JELLY in this hilarious new early-reader graphic novel series about Archie and Reddie, two fox friends who have wild fun!

There's a talent show happening in town today, and Archie and Reddie really want to win the grand prize: a shiny new wagon! It would be such a help with carrying their books home from the library. But if they're going to come in first place, they'll need a super-special act - one that no one's ever seen before ... maybe not even Archie and Reddie! Are they in over their heads, or will they be able to get their act together in time for the show?

In this third book, the pair are excited about entering a talent show, but will they be able to come up with a winning act?
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