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Daniel's First Day of School

Daniel's First Day of School

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Start your pre-schooler off on the right paw with Daniel Tiger!
Daniel Tiger is going to school, and he is so excited. Join him on his first day, where he meets Teacher Harriet, plays with blocks, sings songs, meets new friends and more. It’s a truly great day in the neighbourhood!

Book Features:

Full of relatable questions about the very first day at preschool like: Who is the teacher? What happens on a first day ? Will there be things to play with?
Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood currently airs locally on the ABC, with a season also available on Netflix.
Hugely successful in the US, the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a marketing push in September.
Daniel Tiger is all about ‘firsts’, with each episode and story designed to help children and parents navigate early experiences, like the first day of school.
Gentle, comforting stories also feature progressive characters and themes such as blended families and diversity
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