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Superheroes Wash Their Hands

Superheroes Wash Their Hands

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"Wash your hands with soap-be a hero! You can shrink germs down to zero!"

Learn to be a handwashing hero and defeat germs with this fun die-cut board book. Follow the superheroes as they wash their hands and watch as the villainous virus character gets smaller on each page!

World Heath Organization guidelines are cleverly shown in easy-to-follow steps to teach children how to wash their hands effectively to defeat germs. The die-cut virus villain adds a fun visual element, showing how, as each handwashing step is completed, the virus gets smaller and smaller on each page before finally disappearing when hands are properly clean. Advice at the end of the book reinforces why hand washing is so important and encourages children to develop an effective handwashing routine with confidence.

The rhyming text and colorful illustrations keep children engaged, making this book an excellent resource for parents, care givers, and teachers to help children learn an effective handwashing routine.
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