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The words 'dessert' and 'decadence' perfectly match, as this collection of irresistible recipes show. Try the special-occasion Raspberry Hazelnut Trifle or the Dark Chocolate Ice-cream, which will disappear in a flash. Or there's Chilled Berry Cheesecake, a creamy concoction topped with vibrant fruit. For those looking for a little less indulgence, light, simple recipes include low-fat sorbets and frozen yogurts. Lovers of traditional comfort food will also find all their favourites here, such as Mixed Fruit Crumble and Golden Syrup Dumplings.

Includes classic comfort food, fruit-based desserts, chilled treats and chocolate extravaganzas. - All your dessert must-haves, from souffles to sorbets, trifles to truffles, pies to crumbles and jellies to compotes. - Quick and easy recipes such as five fabulous 10-minute puddings, five speedy fruit salads, five super sauces for ice-cream and five chocolate sauces. 

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