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Cooling Gel Pillow

Cooling Gel Pillow

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The cooling gel pillow insert is a wonderful product for you to stay cool and comfortable while trying to sleep. With no pre freezing or refrigeration required this gel pillow reacts to your own body and the heat that is generated and then gives you a natural cooling effect without having to turn on the fan or air conditioner.

Simply place the insert in your pillowslip between the slip and your pillow to help keep your head cool while in bed. It is not limited to being used in bed, the cooling gel insert can be taken away with you and used in the car or even when lying on the couch to give you that cooling comfort.

It is vacuum sealed to keep the core as cool as possible while keeping the heat out and has a soft outer that is allergy free and easy to keep clean. 
Also great for using when your have headaches, sunburn or even muscle aches to give that bit of added cool.
Dimensions: 31 x 21 x 2.5cm
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