Where's Wally? Book Pack 5 books


Get ready for the ultimate Wally challenge with this five book collection!

Where's Wally?
The first title in the amazing Wally phenomenon. Join Wally on his worldwide hike! He's hidden in every scene - along with lots of friends!

Where's Wally Now?
The search for Wally goes on! Wally-Watchers, get ready to dive into the past - and maybe the future - on your search... Wow! Amazing!

Where's Wally? - The Fantastic Journey
Wizard Whitebeard has set Wally a challenge: to find twelve scrolls scattered throughout lands of fantasy and magic. Your challenge is to find Wally! Get looking, Wally-Watchers!

Where's Wally In Hollywood?
Take a trip through film history and find Wally and friends along the way! Journey to the Wild, Wild West, crawl into Ali Baba's crazy cave, wander through the Where's Wally musical. Wow! Amazing!

Where's Wally? - The Wonder Book
Go up and down the Corridors of Time, take a tour of the Cake Factory, see the Fantastic Flower Garden, witness the Battle of the Bands and the Mighty Fruit Fight, visit Clown Town and many other wondrous Wonderlands! Wherever you go, take the Wally challenge! Find Wally, Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw - and lots, lots more!


  • Perfect entertainment for rainy days and school holidays.
  • The eye-boggling Where s Wally? series has been published in over 30 languages, selling over 50 million copies worldwide - have you found Wally yet?
  • Just the thing to keep kids enthralled for hours. But Beware! Grown-ups might find they get just as hooked.

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