Life in L Plates


After suffering a relationship breakdown, Kayla Bauer found herself battling depression, riddled with anxiety, enduring daily panic attacks and an over-whelming amount of self-hate. After hitting rock bottom, she decided to write her way out of it. Setting out on a journey of recovery; wanting to understand mental illness, what causes it and how it can be improved. What she didn’t expect to find was the correlating statistics – how many Australians are suffering in silence.Based on this discovery and her own struggle, she used the concept of living life in L Plates as a way to get through the dark times. A way to wake up, get up and turn up to appointments, interviews and courses. Realising she was a learner and that she didn’t have life figured out and that it was okay.Life in L Plates is a concept every person can relate to. Similar to mental illness, it doesn’t discriminate. We are all, at some stage, learners. Whether we are a student, a new mum, a CEO managing employees, a professional athlete or an aspiring artist. At some point we will all face challenges, setbacks and life will seem overwhelming. At that point, we can put on our L Plates and know we are not alone. Together, we can try. We can give the day, and life, another shot. Life L Plates is a book designed to help readers alleviate stress, release pressure, manage expectations, change perceptions and help free the funk of a mental illness. It stands up for those struggling, helps inform those who’ve never experienced mental illness and spreads the idea of mental compassion. Through this book, people are encouraged to put on their L Plates themselves, and also in recognition of every person who might also be going through a tough time.

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