Cozy Cuddles - Unicorn


Just heat up my tummy for a cosy warm cuddle! The unicorn folds out to a real size cushion for the warmest hugs going round!
To use, simply remove inner bag and place in microwave following the heating instructions supplied.

Cosy Cuddlers Unicorn, by Sweet Little Things®– arguably Australia's no.1 heatable comforter manufacturer – makes the ideal gift for children, teenagers and adults alike.

She comes attractively packaged, reasonably priced, and can be quickly heated in the microwave over and over again. That makes her a very warm little Unicorn Cushion! The warmth she emits is gentle, and the aroma released is soothing and comforting.
Cosy Cuddlers Unicorn is the perfect remedy for hardworking mums and dads who simply want to flop down in front of the TV after another long day. Warm her up and then enjoy holding her on your lap, feeling weary muscles and aching joints slowly ease. Aaahh.
Quick facts‚Äč

  • Can be reheated hundreds of times
  • Surface clean with a damp sponge
  • So simple to use - just remove the inner pouch and warm in a microwave or chill in the fridge
  • To reinvigorate the scent just add a couple of drops of your favourite scented oil to the inner bag and away you go!


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