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Frequently Asked Questions


Stock Availability

What happens if the product is “sold out” in your area?
Despite our best efforts to ensure all products are available in all states and New Zealand, sometimes products may sell out or be temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience if that happens and we ask that you keep an eye on the website for restocks. 


Is delivery free?
Yes, standard delivery is free to registered workplace addresses. Stay tuned for a 3 day “Fast-Trak” delivery service coming soon!

Can I have products delivered to my home?
Our commitment is to provide personal free delivery to our customers at their place of work via our extensive Franchisee network. For that reason, we do not currently deliver to residential addresses. However, if you know someone at a workplace you can get them to receive delivery on your behalf. You can do this by nominating them as your “Contact at Workplace” under My Account.

How long does delivery take?
Free delivery can take up to 15 working days*  to your workplace. Your friendly distributor will use their best efforts to deliver sooner. Stay tuned for a 3 day “Fast-Trak” delivery service coming soon!
*Working days = Monday - Friday

How do I change my delivery address if I’ve placed my order?
If your order has not yet been delivered you can re-direct it by changing your workplace address in your “My Account” settings.


What forms of payment is accepted?
We accept MasterCard or Visa for all online payments. 


Technical Difficulties

If you are experiencing technical problems with the website get in touch and we will be happy to help.
Email us at: (Please note our enquiries line is open Monday-Friday 8-4pm)